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Hangzhou Huacheng International Hotel (Huachen International Hotel Hangzhou), Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Le restaurant chinois 'Hua chen.tang Gong' est équipé d 'une grande salle de banquet et d' un certain nombre de wagons de luxe conçus avec soin, le style de la rime Tang, la noblesse, le chef de cuisine célèbre Hang, Yue, Chuan Gou cuisine sous la direction d 'un concept de santé écologique, vous permet de jouir d' une nouvelle qualité de vie.'Br Café de l 'Ouest avec un style élégant et de haute qualité, le lac de l' Ouest est un monde merveilleux, avec du thé vert à la main, avec des barres d 'Horizons ouverts, une cuisine ouverte, tous les types de cuisine occidentale et chinoise délicieuse, un service humain attentionné, les invités peuvent profiter de la vie dans une atmosphère interactive de repas.'Br Huachen. West Lake meeting' est équipé de zones de repos, de zones de lecture, de salles de négociation, etc., le réseau sans fil est entièrement couvert par le signal Wi - FI, un service attentionné, est le lieu idéal pour les affaires, les loisirs, les réunions, les invités d 'étage administratif et les invités d' honneur.Le Centre de conférence Hua Chen a 10 salles de conférence de différentes spécifications, équipées de matériel de conférence de haute technologie, l 'accès à Internet à grande vitesse pour répondre à tous les types de réunions, plus professionnel, attentionné et attentionné, afin de vous permettre de profiter pleinement de l' expérience de la Conférence efficace et pratique.
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Commentaires Plus
  • crouse1990
    Because it is a pre-sale, took a small room, do not feel right. no way, this can't change, had to make up the money is not worth it.
  • jingxiu
    Service was good, Windows won't shut up, immediately sent someone to fix it ~
  • jiang0414
    Strategic location
  • e01725382
    Business in Hangzhou also will come to the hotel, not bad, quite satisfactory.
  • emma_56
    Hotel location is very good, people have a feeling of home, probably often come because of it ... ... As always, good.
  • e03790832
  • e00883969
  • yuenan
    Very good?
  • cilantrobobo
    Just renovated. is the bathroom door blocking the movement of people is not convenient. double bed is a bit small. two people sleeping
  • loadline
    Hotel is still good, but lake view Lake General!
  • JF_Sweet
    Front desk and room service very good, old four star worthy!
  • gpcat
    Stains on the sheets! air conditioner does not heat, made two telephone calls to send someone over, watching a long time understand central air-conditioning temperature didn't adjust well, efficiency is very low.
  • amyfnt
    Very old-fashioned look old, good location just near the West Lake
  • Narjae
    At the city hospital, very convenient location. internal structure are satisfied with the design, style, linen quilts are very clean and comfortable. front desk service is particularly good, noise processing is in place.
  • lixing090
    Nice, but very small, gives us the room can see the West Lake, but during the Super fog, very convenient, good health, and check in check out soon
  • e00474867
    Slightly stale old four star hotel facilities not far from Metro and airport bus near downtown restaurant, Hangzhou green tea is also very close to a variety of convenient
  • iprcn
    Room facilities.
  • ssspider
    Great location, walk to the Lake in about 10 minutes. the hotel facility slightly old
  • Candy-ye
  • danielannie
    Nice hotel beside the West Lake, a conscience.
  • d01529840
    Very nice, clean and comfortable, the service. the Executive Suite, a large space, have a computer, has a back, and fresh fruit plates at night.
  • yulijing8886
    Like scenery and comfortable room
  • ap979
    Convenient distance is close to the scenic area
  • e00115855
    Very comfortable, near the downtown area, well-equipped hotel service is good-
  • fannyding
    Very satisfied with the accommodation, the original room not, help us to free upgrade to superior family rooms, very clean, Super wushan
  • duncanyeung
    Well, Lake House prices overall are more expensive, the key play well, have a good rest, nice hotel, breakfast was excellent, service very good!
  • looloovip
    Good location
  • roc_xiao
    From the West Lake, Hangzhou railway station and shopping street, is close, convenient, and personally feel that breakfast, together with colleagues on business, there will be two rooms, each one, and ask at the front desk didn't ask, we checked into a room, embarrassed.
  • allywong
    Free me up a level, a very good environment, near the train station near the West Lake? will choose the next time! prices are reasonable?
  • andi red beans
    Really is a particularly good time to experience it! recommended tour to Hangzhou, Ah! the room was great, service was good, sound is good. 1
  • carmany
    Satisfied, good location, near very busy, front desk very efficient
  • stanleylau71
    Rubbish hotels also sell so expensive
  • freefly
    A very good environment, from the West Lake walk 10 minutes. service attitude is good, the next time you come to live here.
  • candyyj
    Hangzhou Hotels generally are not cheap, this belongs to the relatively high cost of, just one night over the weekend was good. the Hotel looks old, belonging to the old hotel in Hangzhou. underground parking spaces are not much to security arrangements to stop because we only live one day over the weekend so special parking spaces for temporary occupation of family Union. location very good
  • addfdfdf
    Hotel just staying on in room in found a Web, on in lamp Xia, rooms service said didn't note. bath Shi found, water temperature adjustable highest also on 3, 40 degrees, because to to child bath so specially playing to total Taiwan, results answered said Hotel water temperature on such, more open some time, water temperature will hot some, but I open has near half hours also is didn't changes. breakfast total class less, not delicious.
  • doudou0510
    I think the nice hotel, so often here!
  • bib1972
    Good location, easy parking. around eating and drinking everything entertainment, walk to the high street and is close to the West Lake, inadequate room facilities some of the old, but the total cost should be considered.
  • e00060509
    Children's doll in the room, hotel is near the West Lake, 19 floors and breakfast very good! service quite enthusiastic. is satisfied with this hotel!
  • BaggioGG
    Old hotel, good service, excellent condition
  • judybee
    Very good location, few minutes to the West Lake, breakfast was great, the company has signed agreements. to Hangzhou next time will stay. and will recommend the company to other colleagues stay. feel the price is acceptable
  • cco120
    Well, just this street consumption, and there is a night market, behind, not far from the Lake.
  • e00064397
    Well, the room equipment is not new
  • Peter-tourism
    All are good
  • allywong
    Hotel is near the Lake, hotel location is very good, yintai around there are lots of places to eat, can be reached on foot, and also very convenient to attractions, station is not far away
  • lebeda
    Location good, away from Lake is near. traffic convenience, near has Metro Line 1 line, bus many. morning of buffet rich, type more, environment good, in 19 floor can see Lake beauty. II floor of Tang Palace restaurant is good, taste good, dish products like good, price also not your. hotel of service very good, waiter attitude kind, talk let people was is kind, see we himself wash clothes also specially left article tips has free dry cleaning. 35 square meters of family Suite completely no crowded ofFeel, room facilities complete, details consider thoughtful, detergent, irons and ironing clothing Board, cotton, teeth line,, as long as you wants to with of are has, also can free laundry and drying, sent wash shirt volume, daily free provides fruit, bottled water, newspaper, tea coffee. China e Hotel does good, live in here, is warm, let people a home of feel, price high, worth recommended.
  • adapapa
    And we think it's great
  • flyersmile
    From the Lake near environment, the hotel's style is very unique, there is a night market behind, quite convenient. room warm and quite comfortable ... very satisfied!
  • bengbengsdream
  • aming
    Triple room, but a large bed, a small bed, bed is not much larger than the small bed is the key, and booked a luxury triple room, room was small, poor, and other fine, location is good, the top floor restaurant is also very attractive, the service is in place, the price is fair.
  • baggio318
    Old, Super old, small, small room, good location, convenient.